On Site Testing Testing

AQL EMC are acknowledged experts in on site EMC. We offer a competitive, flexible service and will be pleased to provide fixed price quotations for testing your system at your premises under our UKAS site testing accreditation. This allows large systems to be tested to suitable specifications at a manageable cost. If you are presenting a major system for testing it can cause expensive delays if failures occur during tests and rework is necessary. This can be avoided by performing an informal pretest on either the whole system or critical parts of the system at an early stage.

In the past we have investigated problems and implemented fixes on sites ranging from nuclear power stations to underground telecoms bunkers both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. If your system fails the required tests we can provide immediate consultancy at no extra cost to allow you to overcome the problem. Most solutions can be implemented in a prototype form at the time of testing, allowing you to complete your test programme without a further test house booking. We specialise in providing practical, cost-effective solutions to equipment failures, and are specialists in on site testing.