Defence Testing

AQL EMC is well-equipped to test to the requirements of specifications like RTCA/D0-160C, D, E & F; Mil Std 461 C, D, E & F; Def Stan 59-41 & 59-411 and specialist requirements for EFA; JSF; Northrop Grumman; Airbus; Boeing; Westland and Honeywell. We are the only test facility in the UK to offer RS105 testing. Our services include in-house test equipment for microwave emissions and susceptibility, transient testing including DCS04, DCS05, DCS06, DCS11, DCS12, CS115, CS116, DRE03, DMFS01 and RS105 and transients for client-specific requirements. We have the facility to test large cabins (<=20ft ISO) and up-to-date knowledge of many land platforms and systems.

The complete EMC service to the Marine industry and defence forces worldwide. Recently our EMC experts have worked on vessels as diverse as Oriana, Mirabella V, Sail Training ship Tenacious and Naval vessels from large helicopter carriers to small RIBS. We offer RADHAZ services specifically tailored to the Marine and Defence environments. We are acknowledged specialists in all aspects of Marine EMC, formal trials and on-board investigations.