UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

We specialise in EMC testing for the defence and aerospace sectors and were the first EMC test house to gain UKAS accreditation (No. 0018). Gradually, we have augmented our schedule which can be viewed directly by clicking on the link below. This accreditation schedule covers both permanent and site testing.

UKAS Schedule

UKAS Certificate

JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register)

To avoid duplication of sensitive information and to create a more streamlined and efficient setup with your company's accounts systems, we have JOSCAR accreditation on their industry recognised scheme.

JOSCAR Certificate

Cyber Essentials

With technology moving at a more rapid pace year on year, cyber security is something we take very seriously. This has meant we invest in newer more up-to-date IT systems on a regular basis, and have achieved Cyber Essentials. We look to update to Cyber Essentials Plus in the future, and continue improving our systems.

Cyber Essentials Certificate